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Personalized Playing cards
Cards and games may look a very simple product to many, but the detailed precession required to produce a playing card deck to ISO 9002 quality standard needs heavy investments in state of the art production plants. We have made huge investments and installed the best available machines to ensure that every card deck that leaves the production units is Zero defect. Intense competition and highest quality expectations characterize today's market. Leveraging high productivity and flexibility to build a loyal clientele are the major success factors for forward-looking enterprises. To achieve this, we implement the best available production and business processes. We want to be known as the best manufacturers of playing cards and card games.

From the time that we receive the raw materials, we ensure that all stages of production are thoroughly checked. All raw materials that reach our inventories are cross checked to make sure that the quality is consistent. Our inventories are managed by professionals who have good knowledge of basic inputs used. The inks have to be of the highest quality as the gloss and sheen that is very important in printing needs the PH values of the ink to be consistent. Though the raw materials are checked for quality standards when received but still they are re-checked when sent to the press floor. We make sure that there is no loss in quality of the raw goods and the shelf life is as good as stated by the supplier. We normally keep inventories of almost 45 days production at any given time.

Digital technology and media grow more important with increasing data volumes involved. Efficient and broad prepress capabilities are essential to cope with the demands of cross-media production in particular. The art works of a card game deck that have been prepared today, must be on the press - as quickly as possible. The name of the game is minimizing production times with completely digitized production workflows and database-supported networks. Any way you look at it, prepress is assuming key importance across the board, driving a dynamic new marketplace. All files received by us go to our pre-press stations within 1 working day. Professional MAC & PC operators are always at your service to help you in getting your playing card or card game designs to press, as quickly as possible.
The best printing plants available across the world are used to manufacture playing cards and card games at our factory unit. 5 color CPC KBA printing machines are used at the press. These machines ensure that we are able to get the best possible print results that any one can achieve. If we receive good quality digital files then we can guarantee highest quality print results. With capacities to print and manufacture almost 1.8 million decks every month, we are in a position to ship and deliver goods on time.

All playing card or card game decks are gloss coated online. Aqueous coatings of the highest standards are imported direct from the states to ensure the best quality. A lot of R&D has been done to make sure that the playing cards flow properly in hand during game play. Right slippage of the decks is a must for easy shuffling and undisturbed game play.

Online cutting/collating machines ensure that not much of the decks that you play with, are actually handled manually during production. All sheets are printed automatically, aqueous coated online, cut and collated into card decks automatically and further cello wrapped online. Almost 90% of the production does not need manual handling of the sheets. All this ensures that our clients get a good quality product and our huge production capacities ensure that we offer the most competitive prices possible.

Our tie up with the most reputed shipping lines and airlines ensure that your products reach you on time, anywhere across the world. All shipments leave the factory warehouse fully insured up to your city CFS. All tuck boxes, inner boxes, inner master cartons, outer cartons, outer master cartons are made up of export worthy materials. This ensures that no sea shipment is effected by any change in the climatic conditions during the shipping period. We will make sure that all our customers receive the quality that they expect from our company. For we want to be known as the best across the world.
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