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playing cards
Custom Playing Cards
Personalized Playing Cards

Personalized Playing Cards

Personalized Game Cards"Custom Game Card Printing”: Since the last couple years there has been this trend of the popular party games that have 100 to 200 to 500 cards. These card games have gained popularity and the market is full of such custom card games. One look at the Amazon store and you will find hundreds of such custom card games. After personally going through a few of these games we have found that the card quality in some of the games is not good. Some games have inferior cardstock being used for the cards. it's very important that the content of the game should be good, but the quality of the product goes hand in hand if you need good sales. At The Ace Card Company, we make sure that the quality of our cards is at par with the best available that you get across the world. It all started with the popular game "Cards Against Humanity". As the sales of "Cards Against Humanity" skyrocketed many other games on the same concept started flooding the market. We have made almost 300 different game titles for large quantities. Most such games are being packed in rigid boxes that can hold up to 500 cards in good shape. We use 310 GSM ivory core smooth surface cardstock for such game cards. We do not use the inferior quality blue core sheet stock as it does not have that smooth surface. The vibrancy in printing which can be achieved on a smooth surface sheet cannot be achieved on the blue core cardstock due to its inherent nature of rough surface. There are some games with black and white printing of text on one side of the cards with the card back showing the game logo. There are also many games with full color printing on both sides of the cards. if the high-quality smooth sheet stock is used then the colors that are printed, give a very vibrant look and feel. The sheet stock also affects the final results that you can achieve with the coatings on the cards. If the cardstock is not smooth then the coating does not give a good effect whereas with a good quality cardstock, the coating gives exceptionally smooth, glossy or silk finish. There are different type of coatings that can be used for such card games.

Picture Playing Cards"Special Coating on cards" We offer different type of coatings and you can choose from the options. You can use the high gloss UV coating but must know that it will be very glossy. The benefit with UV coating Is that it seals the surface. This makes the cards totally scuff proof. the other option is taking aqueous coating which is a water-based coating. This is a medium gloss coating which also gives a particularly good effect but is not totally scuff proof. the only drawback is that the cards tend to become sticky after a few games. another option is the medium gloss high slip coating. This is also a water based aqueous coating Which allows the cards to slip for a longer period of time. .

Using superior quality cardstock and high quality aqueous or UV coating affects the final finish of the card game. One of the most important aspects is the cutting of the cards. Almost all the card games that we have picked had cards that have been cut in stacks. On the blue core cardstock this type of cutting of cards makes the cards bend on the cut side which makes the game look inferior in quality. As we use high grade 300 GSM sheet stock so the cutting of the cards is very smooth. you will find that our cards slip and flow properly in hand. it is important to note that if the slip is not there then you cannot play with the cards for too long. By using the high-grade sheet stock, good quality aqueous or UV coatings, and by punching the cards instead of cutting them in stacks we are able to achieve very high quality finished product. .
  • Printed Playing Cards GAME BOXES: The first thing that a customer will look at would be the packaging of the game. It is very important that the packaging appeals to the retail buyer. Our tuck boxes are printed on 16 PT C1S sheet stock and our rigid boxes are made of 2 mm chip board. Normally a deck of 54 cards Shall be packed into a tuck box. If you have more cards per game, then you can go for a rigid game box. Normally when we have a game of 100 cards then 2 stacks of cards can be placed side by side in a rigid box with a card divider. Even for a game of 200 cards a telescoping box with two stacks of 100 cards each can be used. For games with more than 200 cards we can make rigid boxes where the cards are placed horizontally. Majority of games have 400 or more cards and this is where a rigid box will hold all the cards in a horizontal stack. You can take any size for a rigid box. All boxes are made on automatic box making machines and we do not limit our customers to a few boxes sizes. instead, you can take any size that you may need. We have the ability to make the smallest rigid boxes which would hold just 54 cards to the largest that you may need for a board game. Rigid boxes are normally made of 2 mm thick chip board of Smurfit Kappa make.
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