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Playing Cards The quality of our products is very important for us. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company. Every aspect of production will have quality checks. As many of the products are with custom printed requirements thus it is very important that every stage of production goes through rigorous QC and QA, starting with the card stock that is used for the numerous card games and playing cards, to the shipper cartons for dispatch. We have put systems in place that ensure that quality is top priority.

Different raw materials are used in the production process. All card stock used for card games and playing cards is made of the best material and is imported from different parts of Europe. We make sure that the card stock is stored in temperature controlled environment for a minimum 10 days after import, as sheets need proper seasoning when moved from one place to another. This card stock has special smooth cardboard coated on both sides, with an opaque layer within. This is very important for the opacity that is required for both card games and Custom playing cards. The inks and chemicals used during printing are non-toxic with no lead content. Most of the inks used at our production plant are imported from Japan and Europe by third party suppliers. We are one of the few manufacturers to have different options for coatings on cards and games. You can choose between standard aqueous coatings to the high gloss UV coatings for the cards. All packaging material is checked for consistency in quality. We use a single source to procure all card stock for different type of tuck boxes, game boxes and display boxes that we make. The fiber content of this card stock is such that the outer packaging of games can sustain excess heat thus increasing shelf life. Apart from the QC check on the raw materials that we consume at our manufacturing plant, we also make sure that the production standards are kept high. It is for the quality of our products that we have been cutting all cards on automatic punching machines. While most of the manufacturers use a cutting process where they cut almost 10 to 20 decks of cards through a single cut, we use the automatic punch process, which is used by just a few manufacturers worldwide. Here, each and every card of the deck is cut individually. This enables us to get that smooth finish with accurate and exact corners. You will not find any deck with protruding edges. Quality is a priority for us.
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